Why Colorado … Winter Has Come

We can’t believe we’ve been in the house almost three months now!  It doesn’t seem that long.  We moved in with still a lot of unfinished items, so that kept us busy for a while.  Of course, there’s still no end to other projects.  We were lucky to have a fairly mild fall, so were able to plant a few trees and bushes.  We also managed to get our backyard flagstone patio done and found a great deal on a fire pit on Craigslist!

Fire Pit

My new favorite spot!

I’m not sure how many more evenings we’ll be able to enjoy outside.  Here’s what happened today!  In the space of two hours, the temperature dropped almost 30 degrees and it’s 25 now!

But we’re not sad about the snow, it’s part of the reason we moved here.  We get to enjoy a whole new look to the scenery outside of our windows. The only bad news is that when it’s snowing you lose sight of the mountains. It’s supposed to be cloudy and cold for about a week, but I’m sure the peaks will be beautiful when we see them again!