Move In Day Eve

Somehow we made it and we’re actually moving in tomorrow!  Not everything is done 100%, but enough that we passed inspections, so that’s all that matters right now.  Just a quick post to share the news, then it’s to bed early to be ready for a whole lotta moving tomorrow and Wednesday.  Then Leah and Matt come to visit to watch a couple of stages of the US Pro Challenge bike race.  So we’ll have a very busy and eventful week!

Here are some pictures of the outside of the house.  It’s been covered in scaffolding and plastic over the windows for about six weeks, so it’s nice to finally see the complete product! frontback


T minus 12 days (plus or minus who knows)

The last move in date we discussed with the builder was Aug. 19th.  However, we’ve still been experiencing some glitches, so we’re not overly confident that we’ll make that date.

The biggest issue continues to be with the stone and stucco.  The stone has been very slow going with one guy doing most of the work.  Then when they finally started putting on the stucco color coat – it was the wrong color!  We were anticipating a light tan, but we ended up with yellow!  The small square is the sample board that the stucco company made for us months ago. old stucco

Luckily the stucco manufacturer and stucco contractor agreed with us that the color was way off, so they agreed to have the color remixed.  Unfortunately it took a day and a half to custom mix the color and then the main stucco applicator had a family emergency, so we’re running way behind again.  This is a big problem because a lot of exterior tasks can’t be done until stone and stucco is complete.

Here is the new stucco color.  It still ended up a little more golden or clay (depending on the light) than taupey, but it’s not bright yellow as it was before and we think it pulls all the colors together stucco

At least inside we’ve had lots going on … light fixtures, sinks, cabinet doors/drawers/hardware, mirrors, backsplash tile, and appliances.

Almost every contractor has to come back to finish up a couple of things, so there’s always a lot going on.  The trim carpenter is finally putting up the living room beams and the stair iron balusters, which is very exciting to see.

Now if we can keep the afternoon storms away so all the exterior work can be completed.  We almost got the driveway pour finished before a big storm last week.

Good thing I invested in some good mud boots!

Hopefully our next post will have good news on our move in date!

The “Rough” Stuff is Done

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted pictures of the house!  It’s nice to look back and see all that has changed.  It seems that construction is taking a long time.  I guess that happens when you go almost every afternoon to see what’s new.  It’s like watching another child grow up – you don’t notice the big changes from day to day!

Finally we can say that all the rough ins are complete.  Although, believe it or not, some framing was done even yesterday.  As each new contractor starts we tend to find a little something missing from the one before.

Here is the work that was done in the past month.  You can click on each image to enlarge it.

Fireplaces installed:

living fireplace

Living Room Fireplace

Master Bedroom Fireplace

Master Bedroom Fireplace

mstr fireplace

Master Bedroom Fireplace (closeup)









Rough plumbing and electrical done:

Master Bathroom & Closet

Master Bathroom & Closet

All the wiring waiting for the main panel

All the wiring waiting for the main panel


kitchen cans

Kitchen Recessed Lights









Once HVAC was roughed in as well, it was time for insulation:

Front door and dining room window

Front door and dining room window

Living Room - they needed quite the scaffolding setup to reach to the top!

Living Room – they needed quite the scaffolding setup to reach to the top!

They also added the framework that  will be wrapped by faux beams to form the center beam and king trusses.

They also added the framework that will be wrapped by faux beams to form the center beam and king trusses.

Meanwhile things were happening outside too:

Shingles installed on the roof.

Shingles installed on the roof.

Accent pieces added to the gables.

Accent pieces added to the gables.

Clearly we have had a lot of progress.  This week they are working on drywall.  It’s really starting to feel like a house now that we can’t see through the inside walls anymore!  After drywall, they will start with some of the finish details.   Can’t believe it!