Why Colorado … Backyard Friends

We were used to seeing lots of wildlife around our previous home in Texas.  But the ones around here are a little bigger! single elkThis afternoon while we were watching the World Cup we happened to look outside and spotted this fellow.  After going out on the deck we saw he wasn’t alone!

Elk are a common sight around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park.  In fact, it’s a tradition to go up to the park in the fall during mating season to hear them bugle.  Occasionally they follow the Big Thompson River all the way down to the front range towns.  We will kind of miss our rental that backs to this open space right along the river.  Of course, living by the river does have its drawbacks as being evacuated during the September flood proved!

We know we have LOTS of bunnies around our new house.  I hope I don’t end up fighting with them over my planned veggie garden as I did with the deer and my landscaping in Texas.


One thought on “Why Colorado … Backyard Friends

  1. Buscando en el diccionario la traduccion: alce, lo raro es la otra palabra del sonido es corneta?es ese el efecto?; recuerdo haber hecho una excursion a un lugar & el ruido era sumamente alto & extraño!! Por el # de cuernos se sabe la edad del animal? La vida en CO siempre es asi de interesante….las Rocosas eran mis preferidas a mirar a todas horas. Tendras que construir algun tipo de cerca para mantener tu siembra a distancia de los dientes afilados de los hambrientos conejos!

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