And a House Starts to Appear!

Finally we’ve got some real above ground progress happening!  It’s so exciting to go to the lot every day and see what’s new.  On Feb. 25th the first walls went up:

Garage walls

Garage walls

After a mere 5 days, we have this …

Front elevation

Front elevation

You may notice we also picked up some snow.  Luckily only a little over an inch.  So you might ask, what happens when it snows on your new house and you don’t have a roof?  Answer:  you go shovel it out!

Mark shoveling snow from our living room!

Shoveling snow from our living room!

The missing wall is our focal view wall.  It will peak at 22 ft. and is mostly windows, so they have to wait for a crane to come help them lift it once built.

Here are a couple other pictures:


Kitchen and Nook


Master Bedroom bow window

Mild weather is forecast for next week as well.  So hopefully we’ll have a 2nd floor to share soon!


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