Weather Delays

So far we’ve experienced lots of delays due to different issues (i.e. design, bad soils, and re-engineering) and now it’s the weather.  We know it’s to be expected when you’re building in Colorado during the winter and this winter has been tough everywhere.

We’ve had a bad stretch of different circumstances lately.  First it was too cold to pour the basement floor, so we still have a dirt basement floor and our void cardboard boxes are still packaged up.  Then it snowed, which certainly isn’t unusual.  But then it snowed again before the first snow melted – that’s not usually how it happens around here.

Framing begins slowly due to the cold and snow.

Framing begins slowly due to the cold and snow

So there ended up being about 8 inches to melt, which then caused the third problem – mud!  The backhoe that was finishing the back-filling around the foundation was getting stuck.  The framers’ trucks were getting stuck.  So even though the weather this last week has been very mild, work has been slow.  So far the framers have only put in the first floor beams.  We are anxiously awaiting the floor decking and some walls!

First floor beams

First floor beams


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