We Have Walls

Well basement walls that is, but walls nonetheless!  We’ve been lucky that we’ve only had one snowstorm since the foundation work started, so we’ve had fairly good progress.


Basement walls

Today they started back-filling the excavated area and will then start doing the rough grading.  Check out the action shot of the dirt being dumped into the garage area.

The small cement pads are in preparation for the basement floor.  Still battling the expansive soils, we’ll be installing a “slab over void” system.  This is where a series of cardboard boxes with a steel grid is laid down and then concrete poured over for the floor.  The cardboard boxes decompose over time and leave a void under the concrete slab.  So if the ground does heave, then the concrete should be unaffected.

Getting ready for the basement floor

Getting ready for the basement floor


Slab Over Void supplies

We’re expecting about 4″ of snow tonight, but after that it’s clear and mild weather for the next week or so.  Hopefully we’ll have a basement floor soon and then the framing can start!


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