Finally Progress

The start of the construction of our new home has taken a lot longer than we expected.  Building a custom home involves A LOT of different steps and a multitude of decisions.  Since we moved to Colorado in August we’ve tweaked and finalized the house plans and have selected everything from baseboard trim to cabinets.  Finally on Nov. 16th the footprint of the house was staked out and the basement was dug on the 26th.

Staked Out


We were pretty excited that the time spent figuring out exactly where to place the house on the 2.65 acre lot worked perfectly and the view of the Twin Peaks (Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak) should be squarely in the middle of the Great Room windows!


Then things came to a stand still again when the follow-up soil analysis showed we had moderate to high expansive soils.  In other words, unless we beefed up the foundation, there was a very good chance that at some point in the future we could have some major structural problems.  So it was back to the drawing board, literally, and another delay while the foundation was re-engineered.  The final solution is a series of piers and beams and a suspended basement floor, which also means some budget rearranging to cover this extra expense.

So on Dec. 26th the first of 51 caissons (piers) was drilled.  They drill down 25 ft., lower a cage of re-bar, then fill with concrete.  This house is not going anywhere!

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They hope to start pouring the basement walls next week.  Let’s hope the relatively mild winter weather continues.


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